Pamvena Pty Ltd has developed training courses to meet the needs of the Broadcast, Sound Engineering, PA and Security industries.

Standard courses are available ranging from basic operational instruction through to comprehensive maintenance and configuration.

We offer structured training courses in the following fields:

LAWO Studio Mixers and Routers

  • Crystal Installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Sapphire Installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Nova 17 Router configuration
  • Nova 73 Router configuration

Klotz Communications

  • Introduction to VADIS
  • VADIS Maintenance
  • VADIS Software and configuration

PA / EWIS Systems Installation

  • Basic PA systems, FOH, Mixers, Microphones, basic acoustics, 100v systems
  • Medium to large scale fixed PA installations
  • PA system and Emergency Evacuation Intercom Systems (EWIS)
  • Front of house and associated systems.

Operation and Maintenance of Transmission sites

  • AM sites
  • FM sites
  • Satellite earth stations
  • Digital Broadcasting

Disaster Effect Minimisation for Commercial Radio Stations

  • Disaster Planning
  • Off Site backups, alternate site operation, EMP protection, power sources, communications, transport
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Continuous Operation during a Disaster