StudioScreen Operator screen

StudioScreen Instant Play Audio

StudioScreen is an auxiliary software package that can enhances the functionality of any On Air broadcast studio. It can be used to up-grade existing analogue studios or enhance operator and talent information and control in existing digital studios. It is ‘stand alone’ and only requires a PC, screen and sound cards.

While this software was designed for the Radio Broadcast industry, it can be used for Post Production, Live Theatre, Public Events, or any where you need to see what the volume levels are, keep track of time and play audio tracks on demand. Ideal for public address systems.

The flexibility of the software allows the software to run in conjunction with other programs on the same computer (conditional).

StudioScreen~SmQf provides instant access to 60 audio tracks that can be triggered instantly, no delay, just click (or touch) the play button and audio is there. Users can quickly change the audio track assigned to a button and the background button color in the matter of seconds

The software has extensive user configuration parameters that allow you to tailor the system to your own requirements including screen position, meter names, studio name, Logo, button audio, button color, page names and metering parameters.

Our two level security levels can be set to dis-allow users to change any parameters, restricting these functions to the system administrator.

StudioScreen is a low cost solution for studio upgrades, new installations and for the live are industry. Contact is today to find out what we can do to help you.


Analogue clock
Digital clock
Countdown to ‘Top of the Hour’
Studio Name (user configurable)
Station Logo (user configurable)
Two (2) VU/Peak meters (user configurable)
60 Instant Playout buttons (modified version of SpotMaster QuickFire – wav file ONLY

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