Unique technology

Digital Signage System features
Low Cost
DDS is a low cost solution for digital signage.

Each unit is capable of stand-alone operation

or can be networked (cabled or WiFi).

Each unit can be optioned with 8 GPIs plus.

Will operate even if the network is unavailable.
Ideal For
♦ Studio On Air Lights
♦ Electronic Notice Boards
♦ POS Advertising

♦ Information Display
♦ Real Estate Windows
♦ Menu Boards
Basic Specifications
Power Supply – +5vdc , 1 amp (PoE optional)

Video Outputs – HDMI PAL & NTSC, max res 1920 x 1200

Network – 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (WiFi Optional)

Storage – SD Card 32Gb max

Standard Monitor – LCD 10.1” 16:9 or LCD 7” (any size)

Software – DDSs001 package plus licence