DDS Television

For Television, DDS is ideal for Studio Audience Signage.

A small desktop button box can be used to recall audience messages :

    • Applause • Quiet Please • Cheer • Boo • Laugh •

or any other message you need to pass the the studio audience at the push of a button.

Any number of remote button boxes can be used to control the same sign.
This enables the director, floor manager, line producer etc to quickly recall a specific display.

The traditional On Air and Rehearsal signs can be replaced with a single screen controlled from the control room or the studio floor.
The display can also include the name of the show or any other related information.

All DDS Display units can be configured to receive ‘Speed Messages’…
Speed Messages are created using a simple DDS Editor tool and a single button press to display the test message on any DDS device instantly.